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This is the informational website for The Defending Conservatism Institute freely provides political analysis and information about political issues to the public, as well as informational resources related to the book by Joshua David Zambrano, 'Defending Conservatism.'

Political Issues
Separation of Church & State Evidence the U.S. began a Christian nation.
Abortion Factual arguments from a pro-life standpoint.
Homosexuality Unique evidence against homosexuality being genetic.
Right to Bear Arms On the importance of the 2nd Amendment to a free people.
Immigration Why a border wall and eVerify are needed, as well as historical perspective.
Minimum Wage Why raising the minimum wage harms the very poor it pretends to help.
Voter Fraud Undeniable evidence that voter fraud is a nationwide problem, including numerous FBI/DOJ references.
Israel Why Israel is right and Palestine wrong.
Global Warming A balanced analysis of the issue of global warming.
Death Penalty Analysis of the death penalty from both Biblical and scientific perspectives.
Welfare and Usury The Bible supports welfare for those who work and condemns usury.
Political Analysis
Civil Rights Comparison of both parties on the issue of civil rights.
Economic Comparison Analysis of how Republicans do vs. Democrats in managing the economy and U.S. Budget.
Congress Voting Records In-depth voting records explaining which politicians are truly acting conservatively, and why.
Obama Lies A list of lies by Barack Obama.
District of Columbia Why the District of Columbia should be federalized.
Obama Impeachment A case for the impeachment of Barack Obama.
Great Recession Analysis about the Great Recession from 2007-09.
Income Disparity Sources and solutions of the gap in wealth between rich and poor.
Mueller Investigation Why the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional.
Biblical Analogy Democrats resemble the Pharisees/Sadducees and Republicans the Publicans or Tax Collectors.
Political Reforms
U.S. Budget Proposal A budget that would create tens of millions of jobs while cutting long-term government spending.
Judicial Reform Bill Tort reform, impeachment of dictatorial judges, etc.
Health Care Reform Bill A limited system covering basic universal care that cuts costs by providing care directly.
Defending Conservatism Book Resources
Citations A thorough listing of hyperlinked endnote citations in 'Defending Conservatism' to simplify research.
FAQs Responses to Frequently Asked Questions.
Table of Contents A table of Contents for 'Defending Conservatism.'
Indexes A still very incomplete index for 'Defending Conservatism.'