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Religious Freedom

Separation of church and state was never intended to restrict expression of faith in God but state denominational churches, which is why 8 of the original 13 states required public officials be Christian in their 1770s state constitutions, Congress has always opened in prayer to God and sworn in officials on the Bible, and the legislation of Jefferson and Madison shows God to be the giver of inalienable rights.


There should be no right or choice to deprive another of their inalienable right to life. Babies are clearly human at 21 weeks, the earliest recorded pregnancy. The heart beats at 3 weeks, brain waves start at 6 weeks, and breathing of amniotic fluid with all facial expressions visible at 10-11 weeks. More women than men support the GOP 20-week abortion ban, most Americans oppose abortion after 12 weeks, and most countries restrict abortion after 12 weeks.

Gay Marriage

Sexual preference isn't genetic. It varies by age and region per Gallup polling and numerous studies show it's influenced by factors like childhood sexual abuse and synthetic chemicals, xenoestrogens and xenoandrogens that scientists use to alter sexual preferences, possibly to lower global population growth. This has become about attacking the religious freedom of those who disagree with the lifestyle and don't want to photograph gay weddings or design cakes with same-sex names/figurines that go against their beliefs.

2nd Amendment

The right to bear arms is indispensable to preserving freedom and protecting the institution of democracy. Government cannot be accountable to the people, receiving its rightful authority from them per the Declaration of Independence, if the people are subjugated by their government. Gun control measures have historically been used by authoritarian governments, including the Nazis, Soviet Union, and Khmer Rouge to remove the power of the people to resist.

Civil Rights

Republicans have consistently voted in higher percentages for civil rights legislation, including the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments as well as the 1957, 1960, and 1964 Civil Rights Acts. The Nazis, also known as the National Socialist Party, like Mussolini's Fascists were left-wing; indeed Mussolini began his career as editor-in-chief of socialist publications. Claims of a party switch are debunked, the parties hold the same positions they did in the mid-1800s.


At a time when there is a nationwide drug overdose it is imperative that the borders be secured to stop drug, weapons, and sex trafficking as well as terrorist infiltration. Mexico has a more advanced form of voter ID than the U.S., requiring holographic IDs with fingerprints to vote. The U.S. loses billions to tax remittances, money sent overseas by immigrants, money that should be taxed. Nonetheless, those descended from former U.S. citizens per the Mexican Repatriation should be given citizenship, as should veterans and those with Native American blood.

Voter Fraud

Democrats have committed widespread voter fraud, including Cory Booker, whose 2007 aide was one of four found guilty in Newark, NJ. Obama began as a community organizer for ACORN, which perpetrated widespread voter fraud to get him elected in 2008. In 2018, D.C. Democrat mayor Muriel Bowser's staffers were working to gather petition signatures for S. Kathryn Allen, who had over 3,000 ballot signatures disqualified due to forgery.

Global Warming

Warming may help the global population by increasing the amount of inhabitable land available for farming in areas such as Antarctica, Canada, Russia, and Greenland. Warming ultimately is inevitable given that a growing global population exhales carbon dioxide and consumes dairy products that result from cows, and cow farts are a major source of methane and a substantial contributor to global warming.

Death Penalty

While the death penalty would be more cost-effective and necessary to protect both society and criminals in prisons from the truly evil, and arguably should be applied in cases where guilt is undeniable, it must first be preceded by reforms to the criminal justice system given that over 150 people have been falsely placed on Death Row, spending a combined 1,930 years there before exoneration. One innocent person executed is too many.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action unduly creates division, and a house divided cannot stand, while being based upon historical ignorance. Blacks enslaved whites in the Barbary Wars. Native Americans, hispanics, Jews, Irish, Filipinos, Hawaiians, and many other groups have suffered wrongs throughout history. America's emphasis should be on equality of opportunity, not seeking to put certain groups of people above others.


The Huqoq Mosaics and Ophel Treasure prove that Israel was on its land as late as the 7th century A.D., and was there for thousands of years prior since the time of Abraham. They expanded territory after being wrongly attacked by neighboring nations after Israel was created. Territorial lines should be redrawn to relocate Palestinian territory away from Jerusalem.

District of Columbia

The 1973 Home Rule Act should be reversed, so that the President or Congress determines D.C. leadership. Attempts by Democrats to make a D.C. a state violate Art. I, Sec. 8 of the Constitution and the 1790 Residency Act. Democrats are misusing federal funds allocated to D.C. for housing protestors.

Mueller Investigation

The Mueller Investigation was unconstitutional. Mueller was using authority that expired when Congress declined in 1999 to renew the 1978 Ethics in Government Act. Because Mueller acted with the authority of a principal officer, and was appointed by Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, his confirmation should have required Senate Approval.

Economic Comparison

Republican states have better employment, income equality, and debt but Democrat states have better median income. Debt, deficits, employment, income equality, and median incomes have all done better when Republicans ran Congress from 1995-2006 than when Democrats ran Congress from 2007-10. Reasons for increased spending by the Democrats from 2007-10 included the bailouts of the banks and auto industries, stimulus, Obamacare, and omnibus bill.

Econ. Analysis Guide

Not all spending creates jobs equally. The employment-population ratio is a better measure than the unemployment rate, just as Real GDP is a better measure for evaluating the health of the economy than the DOW or S&P 500 (which only measure the success of a few big businesses). Although trade deficits can, to some degree be sustained, when a country is buying consistently far more than it is selling it is losing revenue to other countries.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage hikes cause inflation and change the value of currency. The poor do not get paid a greater percentage of money, and the rich increase their pay while replacing workers with cheap overseas labor and machines. EPI analysis showed that over 80% of all wealth gain went to the wealthiest 10% from 1983-2009, yet the minimum wage was more than doubled during that time. Minimum wage hikes have consistently coincided with recessions over the last half century.

Income Disparity

The global income disparity is caused by companies outsourcing jobs to low wage countries, replacing workers with machines, converting full-time jobs to part-time, and hiring illegal immigrants. Nonetheless, market forces necessitate such actions, for companies which do not reduce worker pay in such ways will lose out to competitors, thereby harming their employees and shareholders. As such, federal government intervention is needed to protect companies, employees, investors, global democracy, global wages, and the U.S. economy itself.

Great Recession

Democrats ran Congress from 2007-10, including the last two years of Bush. During that time they passed the 2007 Fair Minimum Wage Act in January 2007 which Jeb Hensarling warned them would spark a recession. Democrats had earlier passed the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act requiring banks to lend to poor borrowers using Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS), the same lending policies which set the housing industry up for collapse like a house of cards.

Welfare and Usury

Although the Republican Party has always been pro-business, it was for small business specifically and used antitrust legislation like the 1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Act, 1914 Clayton Antitrust Act, and 1887 Interstate Commerce Act to break up big businesses. The Bible repeatedly prohibits lending with interest to the poor, but at the same time the Apostle Paul states that if a man won't work he shouldn't eat. Welfare programs should be made work-contingent.


A modern judiciary act is needed to stop judicial review, restrict court jurisdiction, require reappointment of judges every 8 years, reconstruct the system around the right to trial by jury, prohibit plea bargaining, ensure free access to jury trials, prohibit lengthy imprisonment prior to trials, prohibit onerous court fees, enforce penalties for judicial corruption, and provide equal treatment for pro se litigants.


To stop monopolistic land hoarding, those who don't own land should be allowed to purchase a single acre of undeveloped land from those who have 1,000 or more acres for $500. HOAs and POAs should be barred from creating onerous requirements to keep out new residents. D.C. should be federalized and leadership appointed by either Congress or the President. Mismanaged state rest areas should be federalized.


In lieu of the current healthcare system, all Americans should be given Healthcare Savings Accounts, ideally for use with Direct Primary Care or Fee-for-Service arrangements, which should produce 50 to 75% cost savings. To address tort reform, doctors/residents should be restricted to 16-hour limits, and hospitals should share liability in malpractice cases based on doctor hours worked the week of a given malpractice incident.


The military should be returned from overseas in most cases, and the U.S. should stop playing international policeman. Returning troops should guard the borders or act as police reserves so that their salaries are spent here in the U.S. to boost the U.S. economy. Homosexuals should not serve in the military and taxpayers should not have to fund their sex change operations, as has been occurring.


SSI should be ended, given the widespread abuse of the program, and replaced with alternative work-contingent, labor-intensive public works programs that let the poor be self-sufficient while employing as many people as possible per dollar spent. Group showers should be outlawed in homeless shelters, prisons, and schools, and provision made for couples to promote the nuclear family.


The corporate income tax should be simplified by removing all tax breaks except a new tax break for companies who hire more U.S. workers in relation to company earnings, to incentivize maximal hiring rather than automation and produce the same revenue with less bureaucracy. The individual income tax should be simplified using a study to determine which 10 questions best determine overall wealth and then removing all other questions.


Voucher funding on a per-student basis should be allocated from a national fund to prevent students from wealthier neighbors from benefitting over those from poorer ones. Taxation of interstate students should be prohibited per Art. 4, Sec. 2. Accreditation standards for schools/universities should be based on standardized test results. The scientific method should be replaced by abductive logic programming. University CEO pay and tuition rates should be capped.


The current primary election system should be replaced with an open primary where all candidates run against one another and the top two vote-getters compete in the general election. Presidents and members of Congress should be subject to 16-year term limits. E-Verify should be adopted and mandatory penalties for voter fraud enforced. The voting age should be increased to 16 for military and property owners. Laws restricting those without an address from voting should be removed.


A system of trade embargoes should be applied. Countries with $8 billion in imports at any previous point in time and minimum wages below $4.00/hour should be embargoed. All other countries should be freely traded with. In particular, China should not be traded with, given its human rights abuses, wage suppression, censorship, copyright theft, and drug trafficking of fentanyl to the United States. In this way, a level playing field will be created for American workers while improving working wages worldwide.


Troops should be returned to guard the borders to stop drug/weapons/sex trafficking and terrorist infiltration. E-Verify should be used to combat voter fraud. The U.S. should apologize for the Mexican Repatriation and restore citizenship to those descended from U.S. citizens deported during the Great Depression. Military veterans and those with U.S. native american ancestry should be given citizenship. Remittances should be taxed.


Existing antitrust laws should be enforced to break up megacorporations that are growing so big they endanger the competitive nature of the free market. CEO pay should be capped at publicly-traded companies in relation to company earnings, with the average CEO making roughly 50 times the pay of the average worker, and the top-earning CEO making perhaps 120 or 150 times the pay of the average worker.

Foreign Policy

Israel should work with Fatah to create peace with Palestine, not Hamas-which is worldwide recognized as a terrorist organization. Territorial boundaries should be redrawn so that Palestinian areas are no longer neighboring Jerusalem, with an intermediate buffer zone between the two sides, and Israel should foster goodwill by creating housing, water treatment, food facilities/farms, schools, etc. for Palestinians at the new location.


New overpasses should be designed with an additional tunnel below for purposes of animal migration so that they will be able to cross below without danger to themselves or motorists. Large-scale wind turbines and solar plants should have new screening requirements to protect endangered birds, which have been getting killed in the thousands by the supposedly 'green' energy.

White House

The executive branch should be restructured and the unconstitutional position of special prosecutor eliminated since its legislative authority expired in 1999 when the 1978 Ethics in Government Act wasn't renewed by Congress. The Obama administration's pardons should be revoked, along with that of Joe Arpaio, who framed innocent people with bomb parts.


The current Social Security system should be privatized. We are paying far more per person than the system was designed for due to increased life expectancy. Nonetheless, such a conversion to the private sector will require funds that the U.S. currently does not have available, given the tens of trillions of dollars of debt, so the budget must be balanced and debt reduced first.


A right to work law should be passed at the Congressional level (not state) to prevent unions from charging non-union members fees that are then donated directly to the Democratic Party. Union employees should vote on how union funds are spent politicaly. Public sector unions should be restricted.


Existing whistleblower protection laws should be enforced and refined to protect those who expose substantial government corruption like Julian Assange.

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Biblical Analogy

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