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Defending Conservatism, 2nd ed.
Defending Conservatism, 2nd ed.
Defending Conservatism is the greatest defense of conservatism ever presented in literary form, and clearly establishes civil rights and economic progress as indelibly linked to conservative principles. By using undeniable arguments from history, science, and law, pro-life and pro-marriage positions are established, even as groundbreaking new solutions for advancing the United States are presented for the first time ever. 

Encyclopedic in scope, Defending Conservatism contains over 1,000 hyperlinked source citations, and its twenty-six chapters broadly cover every aspect of today's political debate, including ten chapters devoted solely to contributing proactive conservative solutions. Liberal myths are utterly debunked, such as the false notion that separation of church and state was intended to keep mention of God and Christian beliefs out of government. 

Obama-era lies about the GOP not having healthcare bills or causing the recession are dismantled, while Obama's own role in opposing medical care for newborn babies outside the womb is scrutinized.
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