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The following is my thoughtful and prayerful consideration of Trump and his policies thus far. I have tried to be fair concerning both the positives and negatives I've seen.


Judicial Appointments[edit]

Donald Trump displayed an interest in bettering America with his pick of Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, which did require a narrow Congressional fight to achieve. Now granted, Gorsuch was widely viewed as the frontrunner at the time, however Trump did display integrity in his selection of Neil Gorsuch. While it remains to be seen how Bret Kavanaugh will do as a justice, the fact that Democrats are resorting to such dishonest and desperate tactics to stop his confirmation is telling.



Affiliation with Communist Dictators[edit]

That Donald Trump is affiliating with left-wing communist dictators such as Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, Rodrigo Duterte is alarming in itself, particularly given the mass persecution and murder of Christians by said despots[1] (the North Korean Kim dynasty has killed millions of Christians in decades past and Kim Jong Un has had hundreds executed for frivolous reasons, including his own relatives[2]).

However, even more alarming is Donald Trump's expressed admiration for their anti-democratic, murderously communist actions. One would hope that he was joking, but he has made a series of remarks now that suggest otherwise.




Income Inequality[edit]

Job Creation[edit]