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The following are cases not included on my Voter Fraud page for the following reasons. While voter fraud is a serious issue, questionable cases like some of these where potentially well-meaning or even innocent people are wrongfully accused complicate the subject. Although reform is necessary to stop widespread abuse of our electoral system, we must also ensure that it does not lead to incorrect, overzealous targeting that wrongfully encompasses the innocent.

Business Address Confusion

I do not consider cases where a business address was mistakenly used instead of a residential address to constitute voter fraud, regardless of whether charges result or not, unless double voting is clearly involved.

2018 Elections

Phenix City, AL

In the November election, 82 people registered to vote using their business address instead of their residential address, and approximately 30 voted.[1]

Residential Address Confusion

In some cases there is confusion over whether someone lived in the district or not. This can be due to living part-time in different counties. To me, this does not reach the level of serious voting fraud, as there is not an attempt to sway election results.

2012 Elections

IN Secretary of State Charlie White

Charlie White, a Republican, was found guilty of six Class D felony charges including voter fraud, perjury, and theft relating to his residency while on the Fishers Town Council. White, while on the town council, moved into a new townhome outside the district and was no longer living with his ex-wife in-district. As such, he ran afoul of residency requirements for holding office.

"Prosecutors said he voted and took pay as a council member of a district in which he no longer resided. White claimed he was living with his ex-wife, which was within the council district. But evidence presented during his trial in Hamilton Superior Court indicated that he had been living with his then-fiancee in a new townhome outside the district."

-Kristine Guerra, USA Today[2]

2009 Elections

New Brunswick, NJ--Police Lt. Robert Tierney

Tierney was suspended without pay from his job as a police lieutenant after being indicted for voter fraud. Tierney continued voting in the city's general elections from 2004-09 while living in other municipalities.[3]

Accidental Double Voting

On rare cases, people vote twice in a single election, sometimes because they sent a mail-in ballot and vote in person. At other times the confusion can be caused by people moving from one county or state to another. In some cases these are well-meaning individuals who just want to be sure their vote is recorded and mistakenly assume the system will automatically correct any double vote.

2018 Elections

Wasau, AK--David Kitkowski

The 70-year-old Kitkowski sent in two absentee ballots with his deceased mother's name on them, months after she had passed away.[4] The case was ultimately dismissed with both parties agreeing he was not competent to stand trial.[5]

2016 Elections

CA, 3 Persons

Deidra Vrooman was living in her car at the time, going back and forth between the Grass Valley and Berkeley counties in California. She ended up registered to vote in both counties and was mailed two absentee ballots, one for each county. She sent both in, unsure which was valid, "with the assumption that the state was sophisticated enough to eliminate the one that wasn’t relevant." She is now facing felony ballot fraud, along with another Nevada County woman who made the same mistake, for double voting during the 2016 elections.[6]

In a separate case, Richard Anthony Hamilton, registered twice, in 2014 and 2016, using different birthdays. He claims he probably just gave wrong information to a Walmart registrar in 2014 because he "probably did not trust the guy." After sending in both absentee ballot applications that he received, he has since been charged with voting twice in the 2016 primary and general elections.[7]

Des Moines, IA--3 Persons

"Three people have tried to vote multiple times in the general election this month in Polk County, according to Des Moines police reports... According to police reports, two of the incidents involved people casting mail-in ballots and also voting in person at one of the county's early voting locations. Another incident involved a person casting a ballot at the county election office, 120 Second Ave., and another ballot at a satellite voting location in Des Moines."

-Charly Haley, Des Moines Register[8]

2015 Elections

Powhatan County, VA--Curtis W. Blankenship

Blankenship, a pastor at Cumberland Baptist Temple, will likely have charges dropped against him after he applied for an absentee ballot after casting one. He claimed he was just "testing the system" and never intended to vote a second time.[9] Ironically, Blankenship's case appears to be that of a well-meaning citizen trying to make sure the system was preventing voter fraud.

2010 Elections

CO--3 Persons

In the case of Lincoln L. Wilson, he is charged with a felony for voting in both Colorado and Kansas. Wilson says he lives on the county bordering both states and lives part-time in both. He further denies voting twice in any given election.

“'But I know for a fact that I only voted for one president,' said Wilson, 64 and a Republican. 'The issues in Kansas that I vote for would’ve been for that general election, such as property tax … and if I voted for a senator or a representative in the state of Kansas, that would have nothing to do with a senator or a representative in the state of Colorado.' Wilson, 64, has several real estate properties in each state. He said he believed he was restricted to voting in only one county in each of those states. 'When I look at a Colorado form, I’m signing a Colorado form. It doesn’t say it’s a United States form, it says it’s a Colorado form,” Wilson said. “In Kansas, my reasoning was the same.'”

-Brian Lowry, Eagle Topeka-Bureau[10]

Accidental Felon Voting

2014 Elections

Charlotte, NC Mayor Patrick Cannon

Patrick Cannon, the former Democrat Mayor of Charlotte, NC, illegally voted in the 2014 elections. Cannon is a felon because he accepted a $50,000 bribe from undercover FBI agents. However, his illegal voting appears to have been an inadvertent mistake, made by a first-time felon accustomed to voting in every election.[11]

Citizenship Confusion

In at least one recent case, a Green Card holder claims she thought she had voting rights, and is now being charged. Where there is uncertainty, I prefer to just exclude cases like this without clear evidence of intentional wrongdoing.

2014 Elections

TX--Rose Maria Ortega

Rose Maria Ortega, a Republican, voted five times between 2004 and 2014, including for the Attorney General Ken Paxton who has since prosecuted her. She claims that since her Green Card says 'resident' on it that she thought she was not only entitled to vote, but had a civic responsibility to do so. Prosecutors dispute the claim on the basis of her driver's license application, when she told authorities that she was a resident alien. She has since been sentenced to 8 years in jail with deportation likely after her sentence is finished. The case is now being widely used to lampoon Republican efforts to stop voter fraud.[12]

Assisting Relatives

2015 Elections

Philadelphia, PA--3 Charged

Both Robin Trainor and Laura Murtaugh are charged for an incident in which Trainor helped her husband vote, and also filed a vote on behalf of her son. In a separate case, Cheryl Ali was charged with voting on behalf of her elderly ill mother. All three are Philadelphia election officials who should know better.[13] That being said, such stupidity does not necessarily arise to the level of voter fraud in my opinion, unless the son or husband can be proven to have had their intended votes miscast against their will.

Ultimate Acquittal

Brooks County, GA--12 Charged

A total of 12 former Democrat officials were indicted for absentee ballot fraud, including workers in the voter registrar's office and school board members. Angela Bryant, April Proctor, Brenda Monds, Debra Denard, Lula Smart, Kechia Harrison, Robert Denard, Sandra Cody, Elizabeth Thomas, Linda Troutman, Latashia Head, and Nancy Denard were all charged with voter fraud, following an election which had an unusually high number of absentee ballots filed.[14] However, the case ultimately collapsed with the defendants exonerated.[15]

Cases Involving Republicans

Because Democrats typically claim voter fraud doesn't exist, whereas Republicans claim that it does, cases involving Republicans are shown separately, to better show fraud specifically involving Democrats. As such, I am including cases that I know to clearly involve Republicans here, lest Democrats seeing the Voter Fraud page attempt to falsely portray it as predominantly involving cases of Republicans committing voter fraud.

2018 Elections

NC 9th District

Widespread allegations of voting fraud altering the result have been made in a race narrowly won (905 votes) by Republican Representative Mark Harris. Leslie McRae Dowless while working for Red Dome, a firm hired by Harris, committed absentee ballot fraud by falsifying absentee ballot forms.[16]

Alaska 15th District--Dead Voters

Seven absentee ballots were received by the District's Board of Elections for people legally dead, in the Republican primary race between Gabrielle LeDoux and Aaron Weaver which LeDoux won by 117 votes. An investigation is underway.[17]

2016 Elections

CO--Toni Lee Newbill

Newbill, a Republican, plead guilty to voting twice, in both 2013 and 2016, on behalf of her deceased father.She was sentenced to 18 months of unsupervised probation, 30 hours of community service, and fined $500.[18]

2012 Elections

WI--Robert Monroe

A supporter of Scott Walker cast 5 ballots in the 2012 recall election and was charged with 13 felonies, but claims he doesn't remember due to temporary amnesia. Monroe is a supporter of Republican Scott Walker.[19]

West Boynton, FL--William Hazard

William Hazard, a Republican, plead guilty to a felony charge of voter registration fraud and three misdemeanor charges for attempted submission of false voter registration information. Hazard submitted false voter registration forms identifying people as Republican even though they were Democrats in the 2012 elections. He was sentenced to 11 days in the Palm Beach County Jail, 3 years probation, and fined $7,500.[20]

2010 Elections

Baltimore, MD--Paul Schurick

Paul Schurick, the campaign manager for Republican Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s 2010 campaign, oversaw an effort to suppress black voters through sending a robocall pretending that the Democrat opponent, Governor Martin O'Malley, had already won, even though the polls hadn't yet closed, in an attempt to prevent them from voting.[21]


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