Political Analysis

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The following pages contain analysis of U.S. politics from a macro perspective:

Political Analysis
Separation of Church & State Evidence the U.S. began a Christian nation.
Civil Rights Comparison of both parties on the issue of civil rights.
Abortion Factual arguments from a pro-life standpoint.
Homosexuality Unique evidence against homosexuality being genetic.
Right to Bear Arms On the importance of the 2nd Amendment to a free people.
Immigration Why a border wall and eVerify are needed, as well as historical perspective.
Voter Fraud Undeniable evidence that voter fraud is a nationwide problem, including numerous FBI/DOJ references.
Israel Why Israel is right and Palestine wrong.
Global Warming A balanced analysis of the issue of global warming/climate change.
Death Penalty Analysis of the death penalty from both Biblical and scientific perspectives.
Affirmative Action It's a dumb idea. Reparations and other stupidity are also discussed.
Mueller Investigation Why the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional.
District of Columbia Why the District of Columbia should be federalized.